Instruction for Cisco SPA941 4-line IP Phone with 1-port Ethernet

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This page is a translated version of the page Инструкция для Cisco SPA941 4­-line IP Phone with 1­-port Ethernet and the translation is 100% complete.

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  1. Turn on the device, connect the SIP device to the Internet
  2. If you know the IP address of your SIP device, go to step 3
    1. Press the call key on the phone menu
    2. Check the version of the firmware on the phone item Product Info. If you have version 5.1.8, then you can continue, if lower, then you will need to update the firmware to version 5.1.8 yourself by following the instructions at smallbusinessipphones / productsinstallationguideslist.html
    3. Find the menu item Network, go to the Network menu and look at the current Current IP address
  3. Navigate through the browser into the SIP device web control panel (user name / password is admin / admin by default). On the http://<IP address of the SIP device>/admin/advanced/Provisioning, enable the Provision Enable option
  4. Copy the string http://<IP address of the SIP device> /admin/resync? in the address bar of the browser, replace <IP address of the SIP device> with the IP address of the device and go to the resulting link. Then reboot the phone in any way, for example, go to the http://<IP address of the SIP device>/admin/reboot