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This page is a translated version of the page Создание Роута and the translation is 100% complete.

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Manually Route Creation

To simplify the call, in order to exclude the need to make a pre-set destination number, the system assumes the possibility of creating Routes in advance. To do this, under the Tools tab on the Routes tab, use the form to create a new Route (Figure 1).

IMPORTANT: Immediately after the creation of the new Route from your personal account, the amount necessary to pay the installation will be debited.

Figure 1 - Manually Route Creation

To add a new Route, you must do the following:

  • Select from the drop-down list the outgoing number (Caller ID)
  • Select the country and the city from which local calls will be made
  • Select the Access number to which local calls will be made
  • Specify Destination number (the number of your friend)
  • Select a pricing type and enter a comment
  • After completing all of the above, click the Add button

Automatic Route Creation

In order to use the automatic creation function of the Route, you need to go to the tabs Routes -> Automatic creation and fill in the necessary form fields (Figure 2):

  • Select from the drop-down list the Origination number (Caller ID)
  • Enter destination number
  • Select a pricing type
  • Enter comment
  • Click the Add button

After that, the system will automatically offer you the Access number, which will be the local number for your Origination number.

Figure 2 - Automatic Route Creation